Author: Phil Robarge

New Year’s Believing

cold, clear night

moon wandering low in the west

end of a day, of a month, of a year


in the darkness, we long for sleep

in our sleeping, we hope to awake

in our waking, we yearn for renewal

new year, new day

renewed energy, courage, hope, opportunities


we count planetary revolutions and orbital trajectories

hours, days, months, seasons, years, epochs

numbered by light instead of darkness


mercy not marking mistakes

grace given generously

promise-planted peace

faith, hope and love


our sleeping is a time for resurrection recharge

the light will always lighten our lives

the Lord Immanuel is with us

in every sunrise, in every new day, in every new year

in our baptism, in our singing,

in our confessing, in our communing,

in our living and in our dying and in our rising again


begin again, my soul

the light of the glory of God calls to you


By Pastor Martin Doering

Fallen, Broken – Restored!

Try as we might to walk in the light, our goals are soon fractured by falls. At times accidental, mistakes elemental confront us with bruises or brawls. The flows of a season, or change without reason, bring pitfalls and pratfalls unseen. We try to avoid them; we thought we destroyed them! (Surely, you know what I mean.)

The coin’s other side, the one that we hide, is: we bring sabotage to our way. I dare what’s denied; I follow my pride and determine that I’m going to stray. Mea culpa, we moan, and we try to atone for intentions that brought us to ruin. Bad decisions, mistakes, evil actions, sharp breaks – these sins are beyond our undoing.

The Lord, mighty Savior, looks on me with favor, uplifting me out from my doom. He takes broken pieces, creates what he pleases, reveals his new life in my tomb. Restored and forgiven I’m freed now to live in his wonder-filled mercy and grace.  The burdens are lifted; my life has been gifted to serve and to love for God’s praise.


Do restoration and redemption seem too good to be true?

Are the hurts and hang-ups so huge that not even God can heal the hatred?

How do I respond to a message of submission, salvation and service?


Lord, lift me from the pits and lead me in the paths of renewal and reconciliation. You are the Shepherd; I will follow You, Jesus.  Amen.



Please take the time to find and read Psalm 30. Psalm 130 and John 8:1-11.

Pastor Martin Doering