Bringing them to the table

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Sermon for October 7th, 2018

We have started a new series called Who are the people in your neighborhood? Most people struggle to build relationships with their neighbors. Why? What would happen if every believer in our city made an attempt to build relationships with the people in the 8 households that are closest to them? The goal of this series is to inspire and equip believers to become neighborhood catalysts that move themselves and others from; Strangers to Acquaintances, and from Acquaintances to Relationship. We need to identify “neighborhood practices” that will help us to take practical steps towards becoming great neighbors.

Week 5: Bringing them to the table- Luke 14:15-24

The feast, the party, the table — these were the settings for some of the most powerful and pivotal moments of the life of Jesus. He loved the table. It’s where he spent time with tax collectors and zealots, Pharisees and prostitutes, wealthy women and influential men. At the table with Jesus, the powerful were confronted, the oppressed were uplifted, the outcasts were invited, the self-righteous were ridiculed and the seekers were given a glimpse of the kingdom of God. We can’t miss the significance of the table. Something unique and significant happens around the table. It’s there we see a glimpse of Jesus and experience transformation like in no other environment. It shouldn’t be surprising that communion – one of the two sacraments of the church – takes place around a table. So, who are you bringing to your table?

Listen to the message today and be challenged by God’s Word.