Crossing Cultures

Audio sermon

Sermon for October 14th, 2018

We have started a new series called <strong>Who are the people in your neighborhood?</strong> Most people struggle to build relationships with their neighbors. Why? What would happen if every believer in our city made an attempt to build relationships with the people in the 8 households that are closest to them? The goal of this series is to inspire and equip believers to become neighborhood catalysts that move themselves and others from; Strangers to Acquaintances, and from Acquaintances to Relationship. We need to identify “neighborhood practices” that will help us to take practical steps towards becoming great neighbors.

<strong>Week 6: Crossing Cultures- Acts 15:1-35 </strong>

The events in Acts 15 were a turning point for the church. They needed to figure out how to “deal” with non-Jewish people who wanted to follow Jesus. The Holy Spirit was moving on uncircumcised, non-law-abiding, “unclean” Gentiles in unmistakable and significant ways. In 2000 years of church history, there have been many instances of failed stewardship in crossing cultures. Professed Christians have attempted to export culture over Gospel and to dominate rather than serve. A few hundred years ago, crossing cultures often meant crossing oceans and geographic borders. Today, crossing to a different culture can be as quick as crossing the street or popping into the adjacent cubicle. The physical journey is often much quicker than the emotional, spiritual, or intellectual journey.

Listen to the message today and be challenged by God’s Word.