Freeway: First Step- Awareness

Sermon for September 25th, 2016

Unfortunately, we have no audio for this week.

If we want to be free, we have to escape the rat race and embrace the spiritual gift of slowness. We live in a fast paced, noisy world. Every day is filled with work deadlines, dropping kids off at soccer practice, and trying to keep up with the race around us. Often the speed of life keeps us from hearing the voice of God, especially when it comes to our pain. Distraction and escapism keeps us from dealing with our spiritual brokenness. Busyness is a badge o honor when it should be a sign that we might be avoiding something important. Perhaps the way to freedom is to stop saying “I’m busy” and start telling God, “I’m ready.”

Many of us use our super-connected, plugged in, fast paced lives to ignore some of the key issues God is asking us to look at. We live unaware of how we are hurting ourselves and others. We are blind to the toxic beliefs, patterns and behaviors that are running in the background of our heart and soul.

God’s has established the Sabbath for this very reason. He established rest, quietness, and breaking the typical routine of life so he could reveal things to us. God wants to show us how we are held captive by our pain and how we can eventually find freedom through him. God asks us to look at our blind spots and the areas of our life we have been neglecting. The challenge is to finally examine our lives and be honest with ourselves. Maybe everything isn’t so perfect? Maybe we don’t have it all figured out? Maybe we do hurt and need God’s freedom? These questions are the first step to finding freedom.

Take a look at these Scriptures:

Luke 5:15-16- even with all the demands put on Jesus, he still made time to pray.

1 Kings 19:12- God doesn’t speak in the big distractions but instead in the still, small, voice.

Genesis 2:2-3, Exodus 20:8-11- God establishes a Sabbath Rest.

Matthew 11:28-30- Jesus calls those who are burdened to come and rest in him.

Be challenged by God’s Word for today.