Is Jesus really God?

Audio sermon

Sermon for February 10th, 2019

We have begun a journey of exploration. We are going to ask big questions of the Christian faith. We all have questions and we all have doubts. This is the perfect time to be a part of the discussion; asking questions and seeking answers. Let’s Explore God together.

Week 5: Is Jesus really God? Christians cannot possibly believe that the God who created this vast universe actually entered into His own creation as a carpenter’s son in an unremarkable corner of the Roman Empire nearly two thousand years ago, can they? Surely, Christians are only making a theological statement when they speak of the deity of Christ, right? They can’t possibly believe Jesus is actually the God-man, the Creator amid His own creation, right? As amazing as it sounds, that is exactly what believing Christians claim.

Listen to the message today and be challenged by God’s Word.