Prodigal God: The Older Brother

Sermon for August 26th, 2018

We need to remember Jesus is telling a parable about two brothers. We often like to spend most of our time with the younger brother because he is the “messed” up one. Jesus is trying to address both sides of the crowd. The elder brother has an angry spirit. He doesn’t care about his brother being back. His anger is with his father who welcomed the bad brother back. Those who have been in religion their whole lives believe they have a better position before God because they have been faithful. We in the church need to be careful not to hold the same tendencies towards those outside the church.

What do you really think about those outside of the church?  How does it make you feel to show up to church and see empty pews? Especially those who were here when pews were full.  When you leave church and see people jogging or throwing a ball around with their child, do you secretly hold a grudge against them for choosing not to attend church/do the right thing? Deep down, do you think God smiles more on you?  We need His forgiveness and direction.

Listen to the message today and be challenged by God’s Word.