Roots of Confession

Pastor Phil dives into the roots of confession as a part of the Roots Sermon Series.

It is natural to try and hide our sins from everyone, including God. We see that it is something Adam and Eve did in the Garden after eating the fruit that God told them not to. When they heard God they hid. We would really like to hide because we worry what others might think of us if they knew our sin. God knows us and sees us, it is impossible to hide anything from him. We are called to confess our sins and God who is faithful will cleanse us of all our sins through Jesus Christ. In the book of James it also says, “confess your sins one to another.” It is good to speak our sins out loud to a fellow Christian to hear the words of forgiveness and to celebrate God’s grace together. This is good and healthy for us to do.

Sermon was given at Trinity Lutheran Church in Roselle, IL.