Stewardship: Living with Purpose

Sermon for November 5th, 2017

Today we are talking about everyone’s favorite subject…Stewardship. This shouldn’t be a scary subject but one that gives us great hope.

As we have been talking about in The Story…God asked the Israelites to trust Him, to do exactly what He said, and He promised they would see the blessings.

Isn’t this true of giving back to God? We want to make sure we have enough—money, food, clothing, housing, more money saved away, etc. But God is asking us to trust Him, to do what He says, and He promises we’ll see the blessings. (Malachi 3:10)

Isn’t it a leap of faith to start giving back to God what’s rightfully His when we have to get through the day-to-day? How do we take that first amount out of each paycheck, hoping there is enough for the bills and possible emergencies? We may not be marching into battle, but just getting through some days feel like a battle.

How much courage did it take for the widow to put in everything she had? (Mark 12:44) We can be part of the Story when we know that God is at work just as much today as he was back then.  He is actively working at restoring all mankind.  We have the privilege of being part of taking God’s Story and letting the world know that it is their Story.

Listen to message today and be challenged by God’s Word.