The Story Chapter 1: Creation

Sermon for September 17th, 2017

God did not create us to bring Him joy, but to give us joy.  True joy and happiness is only found in a perfect loving relationship with him and with one another.  Adam and Eve had that joy and happiness, but it was lost when they looked to themselves instead of God and each other.  Sin entered our world and corrupted everything.  By the time we get to Noah the world is in complete chaos and corruption and God decides cleansing needs to take place.  But the sin of Adam and Eve entered the Ark and departed the Ark thus remaining in our world.

From the beginning, we witness God on a quest to restore us to the perfect relationship.  He promises that the offspring of man would crush the head of the serpent and in a magnificent display of grace he fashions clothes for Adam and Eve.  Another great act of grace was banishing Adam and Eve from the Garden.  If they stayed and ate from the tree of eternal life they would for all eternity be captive of their sin with all of its pain and sorrow.  Instead God will not allow us to suffer in this world forever.  He limits our time on earth, but in Christ gives us an eternity in heaven.

Listen to the message and be challenged by God’s Word.