The Story: Chapter 6- Wandering

Sermon for October 22nd, 2017

God has declared His covenant with His people and now it is time to move into the promise land.  If the people will follow His lead and do as He commands the land will be theirs!  Sinful people rarely follow God’s lead or listen to His plan.  They become impatient and then they become scared.  They put on the rose colored sunglasses and look longing back at Egypt while complaining to Moses about everything from living conditions to what is on the menu.  God takes them to the brink of the promise land and sends in 12 spies to confirm what He has been telling them.  All of the spies agree the land is incredible, but only two trust God to deliver it to them.  Because of Israel’s lack of faith and rebellion they will spend 40 years in the wilderness.  If you thought the complaining was bad before you haven’t heard anything yet!  Finally a generation passes and it is time to enter the land.  Same conditions apply – follow God’s lead and do as He commands.  The promise is the journey he takes you on is the right one and it will be an enjoyable one.  As we look back at the people of Israel we can readily see that their story is our story – one of being impatient or scared.  God on the other hand knows the complete story, that of the Israelites and ours.  Same direction today as then – follow His lead and do as he commands.

Listen to the message today and be challenged by God’s Word.