The Story: Chp 13- The King Who Had It All

Sermon for December 17th, 2017


For being the wisest man in the world he sure was dumb!  God gave him the wisdom that he asked for and the wealth and long life that he did not ask for.  The guy had it all, but that was not enough – he wanted more.  You can see some parallels with Adam & Eve – they had it all, but they wanted more.  The more for Solomon was wives and the price – they led him away from the one true God.  It did not happen overnight or suddenly.  No over time, slowly, and in subtle ways he began to follow other gods.  How could he you ask?  No doubt he asked the same thing?  We might ask ourselves the same thing at times, “How could we?”  No doubt it was subtle changes and little things that all of a sudden turn out to be big mistakes.

Listen to the message today and be challenged by God’s Word.