The Story: Chp 14- A Kingdom Torn in Two

Morning Sermon for December 24th 2017


God had told Solomon that because of his worship of false gods that he would tear the kingdom in half and so he does.  He raises up Jeroboam to be king over 10 of the tribes and he leaves for Solomon’s son Rehoboam just the one tribe of Judah.  Unfortunately both men are an extreme disappointment.  They both do evil in the eyes of God and worship false gods.  They fight against one another and make treaties with those who were once their enemies.  The pattern repeats itself in the subsequent kings that follow both in Israel and Judah.  Between the two kingdoms there were 38 kings, but only 5 did what was right in the sight of God.  We are only days away from Christmas and how much of what is going on around us has anything to do with the one true god?  How much worship is being given to the false gods of our day?  The god gifts – give the right gifts and it makes us feel fantastic.  The god of goodies – get the right goodie for Christmas and we feel loved.  What about the son of the Living God, have we forgotten him?  He had to come because we always chase after the false gods.

Listen to the message and be challenged by God’s Word.