The Story: Chp 15- God’s Messengers

Sermon for January 7th, 2018


In this chapter there are lots of great stories about Elijah and Elisha.  Many of those in the congregation will not doubt be familiar with them.  The prophet Hosea on the other hand is not that well know.  Elijah and Elisha got to perform these great miracles to get God’s people’s attention.  Hosea… told to marry an adulterous woman as an illustration of what God’s people have been to Him.  The message of Hosea is harsh and it needs to be.  God is desperately calling out to His people, but they refuse to listen.  The words of condemnation that Hosea spoke long ago have a familiar ring of truth for today.  As we begin a new year will we listen to the word of God or turn a deaf ear to Him?  Will we come to Him with a repentant heart seeking forgiveness or in arrogance continue on in our sin?

Listen to the message and be challenged by God’s Word.