The Story: Chp 17- The Kingdoms’ Fall

Sermon for January 21st, 2018


Judah is still left in the land…for now. The kings that are in charge do not follow God but instead continue with detestable practices. After a handful of bad kings, Babylon comes in and besieges the territory and strips the temple, built for God, and takes large groups of people away from Jerusalem. The Prophet Ezekiel is given a vision of the Nation and what God can do.

We will talk about the Ezekiel vision of the Valley of Dry Bones and see the picture of death and resurrection that can only come by God’s hand.

We will also spend a little bit of time taking about the call of Jeremiah. He wasn’t taken into exile but left to lament the fall of Jerusalem. He was an unlikely choice by God, but God often picks the unlikely and equips them with the words they need to speak.

What does that mean for you and me today? The Church has been called by God. He has prepared many of these in advance for us to walk into.

Listen to the message today and be challenged by God’s Word.