The Story: Chp 27- The Resurrection

Sermon for April 1st, 2018


The view of the resurrection from different perspectives. Mary Magdalene, disciples on the road to Emmaus, Thomas each viewed Jesus from a different angle.  Mary saw him possibly as the first man to show her respect and as the one who cured her of seven demons.  She was a broken women made whole by Jesus.  Those on the road to Emmaus saw him as a great teacher.  One who took them deeper into their faith than they could have imagined.  Thomas could not deal with any more disappointments so he needed proof.  Jesus calmed his fears and erased his doubt.  How many different perspectives will be gathered on Easter?  The broken, the faithful, and the skeptic are sure to be there.

We are only going to look at one perspective this morning. It is by the first person to the tomb, Mary Magdalene. We will see how she goes from a Saturday (no hope) state of mind, to a glorious Sunday resurrection day.

Listen to the message and be challenged by God’s Word.