The Story: Chp 5- New Commands and New Covenant

Sermon for October 15th, 2017

God is shaping his people into a nation.  He gives them the moral law and some civil laws to abide by.  Slowly the people will become a nation and not a nomadic tribe.  Instead of spending time on the laws that God declared we will look at the bigger picture.  God from the beginning has desired to live in harmony with him people to dwell with them.  This is how the Garden of Eden was before sin corrupted the relationship.  We see here the first step of God once again dwelling with his people in the Tabernacle.  The link to Jesus is found in John 1: 14 where John says the Word dwelled (tabernacle) among us.  Through the Word God does dwell among us….He dwells in us.  As it turns out His story has just become our story.

Listen to the message today and be challenged by God’s Word.