The Story: Chp 7- The Battle Begins

Sermon for October 29th, 2017

Despite incredible odds Israel conquers most of the land……or did they?  In reality God gave them the land.  He made that clear from the very beginning with Jericho.  God caused the walls to fall down and God gave them victory in all of the battles that would follow.  Not only was God giving them the land, but he was also taking away from the inhabitants – remember they had turned away from God.  They did evil in his sight and now divine justice was being served.  God had promised this in Genesis 15:16.  In all of this God wanted his name to be known.  Even at the time Abraham the plan was always that all people would be saved.  The people were successful in taking the land when they were faithful to the word of God, seeking God in prayer, and willing to be identified as His people (Circumcision).  Are we willing to do the same so that God is known in our community.  Are we a people in his word, seeking him out in prayer, and willing to be identified as his people (baptism)?  I am trying to think of an appropriate challenge to end the message with.

Listen to the message today and be challenged by God’s Word.