The Story- Intro

Message for September 10th, 2017

Americans today are not reading any books, including the Bible. A survey had been done of American Christians in regards to the reading of Scripture. 1 in 5 regular church attenders surveyed said they never read the Bible. Christianity is mostly Biblically illiterate. We believe that God’s Word has power but we don’t tend to pick it up very often, if at all.

This week we begin a great adventure into God’s Word. We will be using a book as a companion on this adventure. Its called, The Story. It is a chronological, abridged version of Scripture that will help us to see God’s Word as one continuous story of God revealing himself to us and how he is working in his church.

This will be a 31 week journey in which we will divide it up into mini series. The first series will be called Eden to Egypt, as we will go over the first 4 chapters of The Story. We want each person to commit to: Personal Reading, Worship, Life Group, and Bible Study. The multiple layers will allow the info to sink in as we process all the info. If you have questions about any of this or would like the discussion guide that goes along with the week, email Pastor Phil.

Listen the message today and be challenged by God’s Word.