Together We Build

Audio sermon

Sermon for November 25th, 2018

Last week we started our Stewardship series. For those of you who have been going to church your whole life, this time of year is something that you already knew was coming. You could say “I’ve heard it all before” and dismiss it before you even hear it. For those of you who are new to church, this might be a word you have ever heard. When you find out that it has to do with money it might make you think the common cliché that the church only wants your money. Both of these perspectives are wrong. Stewardship is about managing everything that God has given to you.

Week 2: <strong>Together We Build</strong>. 1 Corinthians 3:16-23. We are all in this together. We can’t attempt to try and get everything done ourselves. When God builds He uses His whole Church. We are the body and we should be working together, but too many times we work in silos as individuals and not together. United we stand but divided we fall.

Listen to the message today and be challenged by God’s Word.