Transform the City: Bringing the Change- Death and Resurrection Wk 1

This is the first sermon in the series. We are heading into the summer in Chicago. This is a time for baseball, cookouts, beach and tourists. But this is also a time that high rates of shootings and violence will be on the rise. Chicago is on track have its bloodiest year in history. There are some neighborhoods in Chicago that are not affected as much by murder and gun violence, but this does not mean that we don’t care about it. If there are people living in fear of being murdered everyday, we should not be okay with it. So, what can we do?

This week in two of our readings we have death and resurrection as the main focus. The Old Testament reading is about Elijah and the widow he lives with. Her son dies and the widow is angry with Elijah. Elijah goes to God and asks Him for the boys life back and God grants it. The Gospel reading is the widow of Nain and her sons dies. Jesus has compassion on her and raises her boy back to life.

Death and resurrection…the only way that this is even possible is through God who raises the dead to life.

So what does this mean for the church today who is living in an increasingly violent society? What can we do to change the culture?

We stand with the families that have suffered loss. We grieve with them and support them.