Transforming the City: Bringing the Change WK 8

Sermon for July 24, 2016- There is no audio today, sorry!

In football there is a last ditch effort that a team utilizes to attempt to win the game or go into overtime. It is called the “Hail Mary” play. The Hail Mary is a prayer in the Catholic church that is said on a frequent basis. Oh and the play in football is often times not successful.

What are we saying about prayer? Do you view prayer as a last ditch effort?

Have you ever used any of these statements before:

“All thats left to do is pray!”

“I can’t really do anything for you except pray”

I’m sure you can think of many more examples like the ones above. We treat prayer as a last chance, I doubt this will work, but let’s give it a try; kind of activity…when prayer should be our first line of defense (and offense).

As we have been talking about Transforming the City, this is a vital lesson to learn. We need to ask God and talk to God about the things that are happening in our families, neighborhoods and communities. God will do the transforming work but we should be the ones talking to Him about it.

In our Gospel lesson in Luke 11:1-13, we see the disciples asking Jesus to teach them to pray. These disciples wanted the same heart of prayer that Jesus displayed in His earthly ministry. Jesus then proceeds to teach them by giving them a prayer and a few stories to highlight what he was talking about. So we should learn the same lessons today.

Lesson 1- “Prayer should always be God centered”

Lesson 2- “God answers the prayer of the sinner”

Lesson 3- “God will never give us a snake when we ask for a fish”

Lesson 4- “Be Persistent”

So how would you categorize your prayer life right now?

Do you need to sit at Jesus feet and learn to pray?