Why does God allow pain and suffering?

Audio sermon

Sermon for January 27th, 2019

We have begun a journey of exploration. We are going to ask big questions of the Christian faith. We all have questions and we all have doubts. This is the perfect time to be a part of the discussion; asking questions and seeking answers. Let’s Explore God together.

Week 3: Why does God allow pain and suffering? This is probably the biggest question that people ask. I believe this is a question that every living person needs to wrestle with. Pain and suffering is an inevitable part of life. If we don’t have an answer to this question our lives can be filled with meaningless wandering and depression. I have talked with a lot of people that were once Christian that ended up leaving the faith because they couldn’t come to a conclusion on this subject. We are going to start the conversation and continue with the discussion.

This week we have a guest preacher. Pastor Keith Haney is a mission executive for the Northern Illinois District of the LCMS. Keith is helping our churches with a new Vision.

Listen to the message today and be challenged by God’s Word.