Wrapped in Prayer: Pray for our leaders

Sermon for Sunday December 4th, 2016

There is no audio for this week. We’ll hope to be up and running next week. Thanks!

From the very beginning we all have a rebellious spirit about us. We like to question authority of all kinds because ultimately we want it our own way.

We learn a few crucial truths today from God’s Word.

Truth #1 – Human authority has been put here by God (Romans 13:1)

Our submission to human authority will tell us a lot about our submission to God’s authority.

The good news is that all human authority has a limited scope. At home we are accountable to our family. When we are young to our parents or parental figures. When we get older to our families or spouses, whatever that may look like. We have authority over us in our jobs (for the most part). Church- God has appointed spiritual leaders in authority over us. Society- we have civil government at the city, state and federal levels. None of these have a right or the ability to govern our lives completely, only God has absolute authority over us and our lives.

Truth #2 – Submitting to authority is not based on whether we like or respect the person, but instead the office or position God has put them in.

This is a big struggle right now on the presidential level. Many people before the election couldn’t stand either candidate or what they stood for. Now after the election it’s almost worse than before. More hate, more protest, more disagreement and there is no such thing as civil discourse anymore. There is only I hate the other guy and we are now enemies.

King David, before he was king, had an opportunity to overthrow King Saul who was in power. David was anointed but still would not move against Saul because he was still the Lord’s anointed. He respected the position, even though Saul was not acting worthy of respect.

Truth #3 – Rebellion comes from a prideful discontent with God’s choices

The root of rebellion is pride and pride comes before the fall. We see the example of this with a once powerful angel (Satan, devil, Beelzebub, father of lies, etc.) Isaiah 14:12-15 we see the picture of satan’s pride as he wanted to ascend, he wanted to be just like God.

Pride usually asks questions like- why am I not in charge? Am I not more capable? Do I not deserve this more?

Are we humbly taking the place God has put us in at this time or is there constant discontent?

Truth #4 – It takes faith to submit to human authority

Faith allows us to look past the person and see a loving God who has promised to work good.

So what do we do? What can we do?

Wrap our leaders in prayer…


  1. Health and safety to be able to do their job
  2. That they would execute justice (Uphold the good and punish the evil)
  3. Govern or rule with wisdom for the welfare of all
  4. Ultimately pray that God would accomplish His purposes through them regardless of their willingness to be used by Him.

We should spend less time complaining and more time praying! May God enable us to do so until that time we see him face to face and He is the only authority we will ever need.